Permeable Pavers – Great, Eco-friendly Solution to Water Run-off

July 25, 2011

We have many clients asking for eco-friendly solutions to paving and hardscaping.  Many municipalities are placing restrictions on paving (or offering rebates for eco-friendly paving) to reduce impenetrable surface areas in cities and in coastal towns.  Permeable Pavers offer a great solution to reducing water run-off and pollution, while still allowing you to have a great looking hardscape.

permeable paver patio

permeable paver patio around pool

The way the permeable paver system works is the base of the hardscape consists of a deep layer of large stone which will process the water, filtering out the pollutants and keeping them in the base and soil.  The ground water is then released back into the main watershed. 

When we install a permeable paver patio, driveway or walkways we start by digging a 12” deep base (normally for a patio it would be 7” to 8” deep) and fill it with a larger stone for drainage.  Then we use crushed stone instead of sand to set the pavers and sweep into the joints.  The permeable pavers are made with a spacer to create a wider joint in between to allow the water to flow through to the stone.  If the hardscaping is in a heavy water flow area, we can also install a drain into the sub-base that drains to a dry well.     

If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution to your hardscaping problem, give us a call we will be happy to help!


Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

August 4, 2009
Permeable Paver Patio

Permeable Paver Patio

I believe that landscape professionals should play a key role in caring for the environment.  It may seem that landscaping in general is a “Green” process, but there are many products and techniques that you can use to make your landscape more environmentally friendly.  Therefore, I offer environmentally friendly landscaping services to do our part to create a healthy, sustainable world. 

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping:

Bio-Filters – created by planting native plants in a reservoir area where runoff is settled out before heading to streams and rivers

Permeable Pavers – present a solid surface, but still allow stormwater and pollutants to drain through the surface in a natural, ecological process.  Used for patios, walkways and driveways.  See our earlier blog on Permeable Pavers.   

Green Walls – construct retaining walls with plantable systems to stabilize they grade and add greenery and beauty

Green Wall

Dry Wells – create gravel filled areas to manage gutter runoff that is filtered through ground water before entering streams and waterways

Intelligent Irrigation/Low Volume Emitters/Drip Irrigation – irrigation control technologies to control water flow and avoid over watering

Green Landscape Design – incorporate eco-friendly designs that include: native plants, smart irrigation, permeable pavers, drainage systems and an emphasis on energy reduction

Use Native Plants – plants will require less water and maintenance

Plants that reduce energy costs – plant deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs to cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Vegetable and Herb Gardens – design and plant vegetable and herb gardens for your own fresh food.  See our earlier post on vegetable gardens.

For environmentally friendly landscaping products and services provided by Carville Landscape Co., visit our website at

Are there eco-friendly solutions to paving?

March 25, 2009

perm-paverOver the last decade, more and more attention has been focused on surface run-off water, pollution and erosion problems.  The EPA and many municipalities are putting together new restrictions for water management.  The restrictions are especially prevalent in Coastal towns (like our friends on the Chesapeake Bay) that have to control their water run-off.

One solution to decreasing the impenetrable surface area of a driveway is to use permeable pavers.  They offer an environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt paving and concrete.  Permeable pavers present a solid surface, but still allow storm water and pollutants (car oil, antifreeze, pesticides) to drain through a natural, ecological process.  The permeable pavers come in a variety of designs and colors for all types of applications (driveways, patios, walkways).   

How does the system work?      

Water percolates through the holes in the pavers and flows into the gravel base.  The base consists of a layer of small open gravel, which is set upon a deeper base of larger stone gravel about 8-12 inches thick.  Through the natural cleaning process, water moves through the base, filtering out the pollutants and keeping them in the base and soil.  Then the ground water is released back into the main watershed. 

Permeable pavers offer an aesthetically pleasing and natural way to control your water run-off.

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