Perfect Time to Teach Kids about Gardening

July 6, 2010

When my children were young, I always had them in the garden with me.  Sadly my two-year old daughter was more interested  in eating the dirt than gardening, but it was a great activity for us to do together. 

Now that children are out for the summer, it is the perfect time to teach kids about gardening.  There are so many lessons to be learned in the garden: the science of soil and the many creatures that live in it, how to grow plants from a seed, the plants need for food – nutrients, water and sunlight -, how pollination works, how to make dinner from what you grow, and many more! 

For a great guide on gardening with your children visit Grow Veg.  If you are not that savvy in the garden or don’t have an outdoor space you can call your own, there are many children’s education programs that local botanical gardens host that can be fun family learning experiences.   In Richmond, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden provides many great programs for families and children to learn about gardening.  Or visit Wikipedia for a great comprehensive list of all the botanical gardens across the nation.  Find a program right for you and start growing!


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