Protecting your Clay Pavers from the Snow

It is that time of year again when we all sit in front of the television and wait for the weather report.  Will it snow?   It looks like the country is bracing for more snow storms in the next few days.  I thought I would take this opportunity to advise people on how to get rid of the snow and ice from their walkways, driveways and hardscapes in the months to come. 

The best snow removal option is to shovel the snow before it gets to deep.  If you don’t like to shovel snow or just need to melt the ice, then you can use salt as a solution.  Most home improvement stores sell an ice melt calcium or sodium chloride based product.  If your walkway or driveway is concrete, bluestone or concrete paver then the home improvement store product is a fine option.  If your walkway or driveway is CLAY brick or paver than make sure to use a Magnesium Chloride only option.  If you use Calcium or Sodium on your clay pavers it will make the pavers effervesce, which will cause a white film to form on your pavers.   You can clean the pavers with an effervescence cleaner if the film has already formed or you can allow the film to wear off over time (it eventually will). 

Remember to always shovel snow off the area first and only treat stubborn areas of ice with salt.   Also keep the chemicals away from your plant life, repeated use of chemicals can be toxic to your plants. 

Good luck and be safe in the winter ahead!


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